Biomedical engineers bridge the medical and engineering disciplines, providing an overall enhancement of health care. They design and build innovative devices (artificial limbs and organs, new-generation imaging machines, advanced prosthetics, and more) and improve processes for genomic testing, or making and administering drugs.

The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is an interdisciplinary society established in Illinois on February 1, 1968, in response to a manifest need to provide a society representing both biomedical and engineering interests. The ongoing vision of the Society is to be recognized as the preeminent professional society for biomedical engineering and bioengineering. 

The Mission of the BMES is to build and support the biomedical engineering community, locally, nationally and internationally, with activities designed to communicate recent advances, discoveries, and inventions; promote education and professional development; and integrate the perspectives of the academic, medical, governmental, and business sectors.

As an extension of the interdisciplinary nature of bioengineering, our BMES chapter collaborates with several other engineering RSOs on campus and most of our members hold active positions within the student branches of other engineering organizations on campus.

For more information about our BMES student chapter, feel free to consult the constitution below, contact a member of the BMES executive board, or review the committees that make up the foundation of what our society has to offer!



A PDF file of the chapter's constitution can be viewed here.