Engineering Open House

EOH is a staple of the yearly BMES programming. Historically, our Chapter has performed well, often taking home the top prizes for projects as diverse as prosthetic limbs and genetic engineering. Over the coming months, this page will be populated with descriptions of our project designs and this year's performance. EOH is set to take place mid-March.


The tech committee runs workshops frequently throughout the course of the semester. These workshop provide students with opportunities to learn skills outside of the classroom. Workshop topics have ranged from soldering to CAD/Solidworks to Arduino projects. To learn about future workshops, follow our Facebook page or check out our Google Calendar on the Events page.


Tech Committee

Our members gain new skills through our technical development opportunities which include instructed workshop, web development, year-long team projects, and multi-year design projects.

Design Team

Our design teams strive take on real world problems and develop functional solution capable of being implemented outside of the university.
PhantomCor, our longest running design team, is a multidiscliplinary group working to innovate heart phantom design. The students strive to apply engineering principles from the classroom to the real world challenges poised by the phantom. Learn more about the project at the PhantomCor website.


Committee Members